Award: People Categories \ Creative Captain

Jihye Lee is a seasoned, award-winning art director and designer working at Google on the Brand Studio APAC team. Her creativity is what makes Google’s Women Will initiative more impactful, beautiful and amazing.
This year, Jihye, along with her diverse team, created a project called The Divide. The Divide plays with the contradictions of perception and reality to make the gender gap clearer for everyone.

Thought-provoking and utterly simple, the interactive editorial might just strike you with a one-liner that changes everything you thought you knew and the corresponding Data Explorer might offer an insight that changes someone else’s mind. After all, understanding the data behind the gender gap is the first step in helping men and women see the problem.

Jihye’s intelligent, thoughtful approach to design is changing the way the world thinks about gender equality. The project is impacting the creative community and has won an FWA award.