Award: Special Categories \ Special Award: Women Leadership Program

At IPG Mediabrands APAC, ‘Respect’ is the central theme and driving force behind all of our organisational initiatives and programs. It’s the culture we endevour to cultivate, and the environment we seek to create for our people to thrive, excel and enjoy. All of the initiatives that the IPG Mediabrands Talent Team, Zarka & Catherine have embarked upon in the last year, tally back to three core touch points:

Self Respect

Relationship Respect

Organisational Respect

We continue to strive to create a fully inclusive and productive working environment, where our diverse backgrounds, cultures, skillsets and experiences are both embraced and celebrated serving as catalysts for innovative ideas and strategies for our clients. An environment of respect. Respect for ourselves, respect for each other, and respect for our working environment. These are concepts that everybody can relate to and they continue to form the backbone of our talent strategy initiatives.