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  • Business Leader

    Women who have not only achieved growth for their businesses but also demonstrated strategic direction over the past 12 months, through a honed business acumen and strong industry networks.

  • Rising Star

    Young women, under 30 years of age, who have set themselves apart from their peers, have shown early success in their field, and who will maximise their full potential to be the next generation of women leaders in the industry.

  • Creative Leader

    Inspirational women whose work and ideas have generated consumer excitement through top-of-class creative thinking.

  • Technology Leader

    Outstanding women who have worked to ignite positive change through the introduction of new technology to the industry.

  • Vision

    An exceptional woman leader who has who has contributed in a profound way to our understanding of female leadership in the industry. She has, over the last 12 months, demonstrated the highest level of performance, exhibited strong business acumen and displayed a strong sphere of influence outside and within her organisation. This outstanding individual has a proven ability to turn her visions into reality.

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