Award: Company Category \ Health & Wellbeing Awards of the Year

Work often becomes second family. While most companies strive to earn the badge of being family, we strive to remain second – first family first. True to its name and spirit, our Balance program balances workplace and personal wellness, doing things on scale with local adaptations, measuring progress through hard metrics while upholding the soul.

This is not a program about one day of wellness but an agenda that instills wellbeing as a way of working and living. It is designed as a movement. We have empowered and enabled our people who are most passionate about this to go start the movement in their offices. Grown from within, it has become a part of our culture. Most important, it has bust this silo of personal and professional lives. Through Balance, at Mindshare we encourage us to bring all of ourselves to work. This is our DUTY OF CARE.