Award: Special Categories \ Women Leading Change of the Year

Advertising loves a contradiction. It’s one of the things we hunt for – the source of that creative tension that makes work exciting and brands famous. Maria is on a mission to bring empathy to advertising. And she’s succeeding by pairing it with unapologetic drive.

Over her exemplary career as a creative and a leader, Maria Devereux has come to embody one of these brilliantly balanced contradictions. One example of this: her work on Pedigree Selfie STIX went on to become Colenso BBDO’s second most awarded campaign in our history, receiving over 100 awards including 5 Grand Prix, 24 Gold, leading to the biggest single sales uplift ever. Maria is a masterclass for the future of our industry. Proving that we can be driven, competitive and also compassionate. That genuine empathy, vulnerability and human connection is not only key to our shared happiness, but is fundamental to our business success.